Saturday, January 12, 2013

Closer to Madness

I spoke in the *posting before last*, about how likely it is that an apocalyptic world-wide flood will wipe out the civilisations of the Human. Although it's 12,000 years since this last happened, the next apocalyptic world-wide flood could happen any time. So you shouldn't get too complacent.

Something else you shouldn't get too complacent about is the prospect of the Human destroying himself and everything around him through dropping on other Humans all the nuclear bombs stored  in bunkers throughout the world. No doubt you think these bombs are so terrible, only madmen would drop them. But, have you stopped to consider there are lots of madmen about. You may even know some. You yourself could be a madman, only you don't know it.

Whatever the truth, you likely think you know who the madmen are - the unwashed shabby men on buses who rock back and forth in their seats and talk to themselves; the bearded fever-eyed men on downtown street corners who wave bibles and shout that the End is Nigh. So you don't stop to think that the tweed-jacketed avuncular professor at your daughter's university might be a madman, or that the always-smiling ruler of your land might be a madman.

In the newspapers you read on the bus on the way to work, have you never seen articles by learned academics on the merits of the pre-emptive nuclear surgical strike, or read speeches by revered national leaders who advocate the same? Do you never stop to remember that seventy years ago, two nuclear bombs actually were dropped on Humans, and that, since then, world-wide nuclear wars have been only narrowly averted?

Deep down you know the question isn't if an apocalyptic Human-ending nuclear war will ever happen, but when - that is, if an apocalyptic Human-ending world-wide flood doesn't happen first. Whatever the means, the Human is soon to be History.

When this happens, will it necessarily be a Bad Thing? Ca depend.......

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